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Reliance Group strives to preserve and uphold natural resources and reduce the environmental impact of its products and services throughout its life cycle in order to be a responsible corporate citizen.

The guiding principles for our environmental initiatives are the 5Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Renew and Respect.

Our approach is to use natural resources efficiently, leaving minimal carbon footprint and impact on biodiversity. Our supply chain and other stakeholders are also inducted and sensitised through interactions and other channels of communication. We ensure each of our initiatives can be measured through resource savings. We also actively engage with government and non-government agencies to promote conservation. In addition, we organise tree plantation campaigns throughout the year in schools, at our offices as well as in community areas.

Our initiatives toward environment protection have included extending solar powered micro-grids in 26 villages that have little to no electricity; thereby reducing the community’s dependence on kerosene and other non-renewable sources of energy.

This has in turn helped promote education as children can study at night; employment as artisans can continue to work even in the evening; and connectivity as each household has a plug-point to charge phones.